Marlborough Single Vineyard Riesling 2015

Marlborough Single Vineyard Riesling 2015

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Marlborough Single Vineyard Riesling 2015

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Tasting notes

A vibrant, pale golden green in the glass, this wine displays fresh aromas of limes, elderflower and white stonefruits. With bright natural acidity and underlying ripe-fruit sweetness the palate is balanced by a characteristic minerality which leads to a crisp and juicy finish. Fresh and fruit-forward in its youth, this wine will continue to develop over the years with careful cellaring.

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A small parcel of carefully hand-picked grapes were pressed as soon as they arrived at the winery using our modern membrane press. The resulting clear free-run juice was then transferred directly to stainless steel tanks, while the harder pressings were allowed to gently oxidise in order to soften harsh phenolics - before being transferred in with the free-run for fermentation. The ferment was carried out using a specialist Riesling yeast at cool temperatures to capture aromatics and freshness. Once the right balance of alcohol and sweetness had been reached the wine was racked off yeast lees and left in tank for two months allowing flavour compounds to develop and integrate. After this stage, the wine was protein and cold stabilised before being cross-flow filtered without fining, ready to be bottled early with ample bright freshness in early July.


All the grapes for this wine were grown by our team on our vineyard in the upper reaches of Marlborough’s Awatere Valley. Planted in 2002, these thirteen-year-old Riesling vines are grown on a carefully tended 3-hectare part of the vineyard. The 2014/2015 growing season began with typical bud burst conditions from early October, followed by a period of much cooler, windier weather. The prolonged cool and damp conditions over flowering resulted in a considerably lighter than normal fruit-set throughout the vineyard. Warm and humid conditions in the latter half of December caused rapid canopy growth, but maximum exposure to sunlight and reduced disease pressure was gained through meticulous viticultural management carried out by the vineyard team. The dry, sunny, yet cool summer that followed lead to slowing of sugar accumulation in the berries as well as high acid retention and intense flavour concentration.


Vintage: 2015

Alcohol: 12%

pH: 2.83

T/A: 8.2 g/L

R.S: 8.5 g/L