Tohu Wines, world’s first Māori-owned wine company celebrates 20 years


Tohu Wines Celebrates 20 years


In 2018 we celebrate twenty years of Tohu Wines – twenty years of excellence and innovation. In 1998, Wakatū Incorporation, along with other like-minded Māori organisations, launched Tohu Wines – the world’s first Māori-owned wine label. We have come along way – from producing 3200 cases of wine to over 220,000 cases in 2018. What hasn’t changed is our commitment creating quality wines reflecting the unique characteristics of their vineyards - wine that encapsulate a place and time. In making our wine, we are also committed to upholding our deeply held values, showing kindness to place and people. Every Tohu bottle carries our distinctive logo, derived from a koru pattern. For Māori, the koru symbolises growth, life and the natural world, and our logo celebrates this iconic spiral. It represents the growth of our company and the journey of our people from the past to today. This koru signifies our long-term intergenerational goals and has become our tohu, our signature.