A furry special plant

New Zealand Marlborough Rock Daisy

New Zealand Marlborough Rock Daisy


What do our exceptional sauvignon blanc grapes and a furry daisy have in common? They both grow really well on our Whenua Awa vineyard in Marlborough.

Like our grapes, the Marlborough rock daisy thrives in Marlborough’s hot, dry summers. Its large, thick leaves; heavy felting of white, fine hairs on the undersides; and young stems which help retain water, make it highly resistant to drought conditions.

The compact shrub grows on the rocky terraces above the Awatere River – which surrounds our land on three sides. While it’s common throughout Marlborough, outside of domestic gardens, it isn’t found anywhere else in the world. It’s daisy-like flowers, with white petals and yellow centre, bloom in winter – making for a pretty display on cold mornings.

Aren’t we lucky to share the land with this unique and endearing plant? 

Do you have any favourite plants? Why are they special to you? Let us know in the comments below.

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